I’ll have the salad please

In grade school I never really had a problem with my school lunches because they were actually pretty good. If there was something we didn’t like, we went to the local burger guy on the corner. Forgot his name, but he made the best hamburgers EVER. To his day I have not tasted a burger as good as he made them… He prolly put something in them, but we didn’t care. That shit was like crack in between two buns.

In high school, the lunches were pretty decent too. If we didn’t like what was being served, we had a whole city to find some really cheap lunch in. Hell, I remember a little restaurant that served a Media Noche (much better tasting cousin of the Cuban sandwich) and freshly squeezed sugar cane juice for 3 bucks flat. Lemme tell you something, it doesn’t get better than that on a hot day folks.

In college, depending on which Rutgers dining hall you went to, it was good or you went to the grease trucks. It was generally known that the College Ave dining hall sucked ass unless it was hoagie day. The Busch one was always good and the one right by Douglass College was good and it had the best salad bar in the school. Either way, if food wasn’t too good for that day, you hopped to another campus or hit New Brunswick and grab some food.

Now, I don’t ever recall any of the school’s cafe’s being so bad that I had to poison the food in order to protest the quality of it. What’s even worse is that in the past the Chinese students have used rat poison AND pesticides. Sheesh! That’s some rough shit over there…