Arch Vile = Tcsh = Dead

Image of DooM monsterAs some of you may or may not know, I am a network administrator at my job. Essentially, I keep the network and it’s applications (e-mail, data storage, web servers, music sh… err, important data resources) happy which in turn makes the users happy. As such, every day I am on the lookout for tools and how-tos on how to do my job more effectively and efficiently to benefit the people under my little umbrella.

I can’t believe it took me this long to find this, but I have found a perfect tool to add to my arsenal.

psDooMDoom as a tool for system administration

Yes folks, a brilliant individual (IMHO, worthy of some nobel peace prize) has created a method for attaching system processes to the DooM GUI interface. Not only has he created a whitepaper on it, he also presented it at CHI 2001! This is cool on so many levels. I especially like that processes can kill each other. Though I have to wonder if you can kill the ‘init’ process or if that’s some sort of uber super monster that can only be killed if like 8 players all have BFGs aimed at it.

Wow, I just remembered how the BFG sounded when you fired it. Ahh the memories it brought back…

I also wonder if a Quake version is going to come out this as well. I have to admit that I was much better at Quake than I ever was on DooM. I was getting my ass handed to me back in the day while playing DooM.

You know this means I need to build a Linux box now just to test this out…

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ohhhhhhhhhh wat im wondering about now is how you got the text of your blog to fit in so nicely around your image!!?? its either im way behind the technology or im just a dumbass.. i think im just a dumbass lol

Hehe… Sweetie, you’re definitely not a dumbass. 🙂 Actually, it took care of itself when I added the ‘align = right’ tag to the image itself. When I added the ‘image = left’ tag, it showed a big ass block of white space before the text. So, just align it against text and it’s cool. Unless that is you split it into small slices and assemble them together like this:

Then you get the thing you were thinking about.

that was too geeky for me to fully comprehend. but i’m glad you’re happy you found something worthy of the nobel prize lol 🙂

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