Poor little guys

Since it’s been raining so much in this area, I’ve seen something that makes me a little sad.

Dead worms all over the place.

How much does it suck to be driven out of your little worm hole by water only to drown on the outside or stepped on or driven over? This morning when I got to work, there must have been literally hundreds of the poor little kiddies broken and bloated all over the parking lot.

However, I have noticed that by work, the worms are quite long and thin. On the other hand, here at home they’re shorter but really thick. Kind of makes you wonder if the female worms are happier here than by work eh? Oh wait, worms are hermaphrodites… Hmmm, I’ll just end this here and go to sleep.

3 replies on “Poor little guys”

I don’t think they’re driven out of they’re holes. I remember reading in high school that they don’t usually venture onto pavement because it’s not cool and damp. When it rains, pavement is cool and damp, so they go out onto it, not realizing it isn’t dirt. Or something like that.

Sadder…my dog rolling in dead worms to make herself smell pretty.

You see her pause as she is running in the yard. She sniffs something. She looks up to see if anyone is watching. And then she flips herself over and just goes to town…mashing dead worms all over her back. She gets up and I swear she is smiling. Tom boy!

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