GMail debacle

Remember that thing about me posting too much techy stuff? Eh well, I figured I could squeeze in one more without anyone minding too much.

I am so sick and tired over the fiasco about Google’s GMail. These people protesting about the “privacy” issues, do they have absolutely nothing better to do with their lives? Sure, some people might not agree to having their e-mail scanned for the purposes of showing advertisements, but hey guess what?


Now is that too difficult to understand? It’s like the people who don’t like Stern. Just turn off the radio or switch to another station or something.

If you find the terms of service unacceptable, simply refrain from having to do anything with it. Hey guess what, if you work in an office with an e-mail system, chances are your e-mail is already being scanned. Spam filters look at the text of your messages for certain words and phrases and get tagged as spam. Content filters look for phrases and text that are not allowed because of policy restrictions, such as that dirty message you’re sending to your significant other. Then the system administrator keeps track of it for “future use.” If they backup data at your job, your messages are archived for a very long time and can be restored at any time. Especially when they are looking for documentation to fire you. Hell, if your company uses Exchange (greater than 5.5), that naughty e-mail message you deleted today will still show up in the backup tapes for quite a long time. Get into your Deleted Items folder, go under Tools and select “Recover Deleted Items” and see the messages you thought were gone… Guess what? That gets backed up too. I’m not sure about other server products, but chances are there’s similar technology in each of those as well. Let’s not even talk about web surfing and what gets tracked and read.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. If Google can actually pull something like this off, I’d be very impressed. How in the world they can offer that much space for the amount of people that would sign up for it is beyond me. I mean how much storage space would they have? Petabytes? What’s after a petabyte anyway?

Would I sign up for it? Probably not. I barely keep a megabyte’s worth of e-mail in my mailboxes at all times, let alone trying to fill 1 gigabyte’s worth of mail. However, if I did need that much e-mail space, I’d sign up for it in a heartbeat.

If you have a problem with the terms of their service simply don’t use it.

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Haha!! People can be so ignorant. It’s as if they think that there’s going to be some guy sitting there at a computer working for Gmail, individually reading through each and every single e-mail! What do these people have to hide? haha!

Gmail is great, it brings new ideas to webmail. And storage… woah. I haven’t used 0.5% yet 😐 But what you say is true, people have a choice. If they do care so deeply then they should click ‘I don’t accept’ after reading through all the various policies and conditions of use. It really is that easy!


Who’s up for a yottabyte 😐

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