XFN nation

I have noticed that this blog has taken a rather technical viewpoint lately and I promise I’ll get back to my usual banter after this next post. I finally got around to editing my “100+ things about me” list to reflect the more recent changes in my life. Eventually, I have to add more to that entry since I also want to make it more than just a listing about moi.

After finding another WP hack, I added a “Recent Comments” listing over to the side and am testing out a few more before making them live. Looks like this PHP book I have is finally paying itself off. 🙂

Another nifty feature of WordPress is it’s built-in support for XFN attributed links. What is XFN you might ask? Well, it’s kind of like a social network of links and how everyone is related to everyone else via their URL. You add attributes to your links like “sweetheart,” “crush,” “friend,” “neighbor” and “co-worker.” If you have met the individual in real life, there’s even a “met” attribute which you could mix and match depending on your relationship to the person. Like for Ada, I have the attributes, “friend met neighbor.” I’d like to think of XFN as the next evolutionary step to your link list or blogroll. Once you’re done updating your link and adding an attribute to your <head> tag, your site gets indexed. After a little time, you get to see your social network of links and how they interact with other people out in blog land. Kind of like that blog neighborhood site, BlogStreet, but a little more informative with regards to the relationship of who is linking who.

My only quirk with this format is the use of the word “friend” as an attribute. Some people list their reads as friends, which I suppose is cool, but I’d rather see an attribute that states that type of relationship. I consider someone I chat with on a constant basis a friend in the on-line world. If there was an attribute for “want to meet,” then that would be perfect. Personally, it would make more sense to create some sort of distinction between the two. Either way, it’s definitely something more people should play around with on their link list. It would make great sense for the blogrolling team to incorporate something like this as well into their system.