Wha wha what?!

Ok, so someone please fill me in as to why Amy and Nick were fired. I didn’t remember about the show until Amy was fired. What in the hell happened?

Anyway, I like this twist they have going now where the old apprentice wannabes act as the employees. Devina and I agree that it was a mistake for Bill to take in his team members. For one, Katrina and Amy hate each other and also, Amy and Nick have a thing going with each other. Plus I’m not sure if anyone caught it, but we think Nick is going to tank and bring down Bill with him.

As for Kwame’s team… Omarosa was caught fucking it up yet again. Need I say more? Who the hell hires someone like her in real life? Can’t wait to see how this episode ends.

Update: Go figure, Devina just showed me this little interesting piece of news. Didn’t they catch this during the screening process of the show or was it perhaps on purpose? Hmmmm.

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i think bill will win, nick, amy and katrina are more competent than omarosa, heidi and troy – actually, i think trump would respect kwame if he let omarosa go and either A)asked to hire a new member or B) have troy & heidi pick up her slack (which they could)

the absolute most best show ever. i haven’t had the time to watch it all but who knows maybe some geek on irc has video of the last few episodes i’ve missed. thanks for filling me in though!! i think omarosa isn’t such a great business person she should stick to that political consulting thing. however, i think they probably cast her as the “bad guy” in the show, you know?

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