Braving Windows XP Service Pack 2

Because of a pretty big Exchange snafu this morning at work, I wasn’t able to attend the Microsoft Security Summit in New York this morning. I didn’t mind much, but I was bummed about not going because I missed out my chance on obtaining the Windows XP Service Pack 2 beta CD that was being handed out at the end of the conference. Luckily, one of the guys helping me out with getting the Exchange box back in order had a copy of SP2 available for me to borrow. 😉

While closely following Neil’s experiences with the install, I decided to go for it just now. First off, I’d definitely have to thank Neil for such detailed and well thought out reviews of the upgrade process to this new service pack level. The reviews definitely helped me prepare for what was to come.

The upgrade itself went pretty quickly on my machine taking roughly 5 minutes, but I was a little annoyed at the fact that I was not able to disable the archiving of the previous system. I don’t keep anything particularly important on my machines so it’s no big deal for me if I lose the system.

Upon the restart, I was greeting with the setup of the Security Center and chose to enable everything. Unfortunately, my Kerio firewall kicked in and prevented the Windows Firewall from kicking in which in turn crashed the machine. I couldn’t help but chuckle a little at that side effect. A quick restart into Safe Mode to disable the Kerio service quickly remedied that situation. I’d think this would also cause a problem for those using ZoneAlarm, Norton Internet Security or any other software-based firewall. As expected, I couldn’t get MSN working correctly via that app or through GAIM but it’s no biggie.

Another funny occurrence is that the Security Center did not pick up on the fact that I had AVG installed. I suppose Microsoft assumed that if you did not have Norton or McAfee installed, then you do not have an anti virus product installed. There was an option however to let Windows know that you had an unsupported anti virus application installed so that you would not get any nag screens.

The true test of the new update will be tomorrow when I play a few of my games. I couldn’t tell you how much it would suck if I couldn’t play Unreal Tournament 2004 because of this update. I’d probably just re-install at that point, heh heh heh.

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A friend of mine who upgraded to the RC of SP2 said that gameplay on his system was only affected in a positive way – some games that didn’t work before suddenly worked. Others were unaffected and were just as fast. So, hopefully you won’t have any problems 🙂

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