WordPress, day two

I must say that I am really impressed with WordPress after finally getting around to playing with the guts of it. There’s a built-in version to grab your blogroll and import it into it’s own linking system. Another nifty feature is the ATOM support as well as the built-in “comments only” RSS feed for those that enjoy this type of document. Much like MT’s own modding community, there’s also quite a few help sites for installing various hacks. One great feature that I am not sure is available in MT is the my-hacks.php file which is essentially a repository of your own hacks that are independent of the base code present in WordPress. So, if I have any hacks that I do not want to get overwritten when an upgraded release comes out, they will not. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I overwrote a hack in MT when I upgraded to a new version.

Luckily, I managed to find a hack for pinging Blogrolling since pinging weblogs.com seems to be a little off now (granted I think it’s more of an issue with weblogs.com than this tool). Another nifty hack is the PDA version of this blog that I found here. Sweet eh?

I got around to improving the look and feel of the site a little before I slap on a new layout later on in the next couple of weeks. As GeminiGirl pointed out, the default font selection of Lucinda Grande looked very crowded on a Windows machine with large resolutions. I had mine on 1280×1024 and it also had the same effect that she made me aware of. It was very odd however that the default font looked quite beautiful on my Linux desktop in Mozilla without the “crowding” effect that I noticed on my XP setup. I even relaxed the character spacing and I think it was just the font itself that was acting wonky so it was brought back to the good old Georgia.

I also found the section where you can create your own virtual archived pages. The way I set it up is very similar to the way I had my archives set up in MT. It uses the same year/month/day/id of the entries as I had before. However this time there are no actual pages, rather the links are recreated on the fly via some crafty mod_rewrite tags.

All in all, I am glad I made the change to WordPress. Now it looks like I am going to have to take that book on learning PHP and finally make some use of it. 🙂

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I’ve been thinking about making the move to WordPress myself — I’ll be following your adventure with it!

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