No, not Troy!

Damn… Welp, there goes my favorite to win it all and I have to say I am extremely surprised by the choices and things done today.

First off what the hell was up with Bill and Nick’s dad for messing up Nick’s chances for hooking up with Amy? I mean, if one of your boys looks like there’s a fighting chance he’s going to score, you don’t do the stuff they did. I mean jeez… Granted, I don’t think they make a good couple in the least bit, but if your boy’s got a fighting chance in getting some then you hook a brother up dammit. You have to figure the dad’s going be the ultimate Wing Man(r) right?? He was the biggest cock knocker of them all. Sheesh!

Second, I think Troy made a really bad mistake sending Bill up to the suite. I think Troy could have easily beat Bill when it came time to face Trump and besides, Kwame’s his friend. I wouldn’t want to send my friend to the board room like that if there was a possibility that he would have gotten fired. Besides, I like the dymanic between those two and they most likely would have been a better team to beat than Amy & Nick. There’s some volatility there that’s not going to go much farther I think.

Eh well, I was hoping for either Troy or Amy to take it all in the end. Looks like Amy’s my choice for the top spot now. I wonder what the hell Omarosa has in store for next week. Just when you thought the witch was dead eh?