Kiss the special spot


Got a pierced tongue? Not doing enough for your partner in bed? Well my friend, do I have the find for you:

Tiggle Vibrating Tongue Ring

Umm yeah…

You know, if you really need this to make you better, perhaps you should work on your technique a little?

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Yo on a side note:

Iron Chef
The schedule for the Iron Chef Battle of the Masters will be as follows:

Friday April 23rd 10PM
Battle #1 – Bobby Flay -vs- Hiroyuki Sakai

Saturday April 24th 10PM
Battle #2 – Mario Batali -vs- Masaharu Morimoto

Sunday April 25th 9PM
Battle #3 – Wolfgang Puck -vs- Masaharu Morimoto

Sunday April 25th 10PM
Battle #4 – Morimoto and Flay -vs- Sakai and Batali

A lot of the body jewelry sites have little “french tickler” ends that you can put over the knob of a tongue ring, too.

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