Why did the

Turkey try to cross the road?

When Turkeys Go Wild!To try and avoid my car of course. However, this fateful morning the poor little guy or girl lost. As I was driving into work, the kamikaze turkey felt the need to cross paths with my car as I was doing around 50mph on my way to work this morning.

I was also getting a whole mess of weird looks from other drivers and pedestrians that I drove by this morning. So, I figured that there must have been a dent on my bumper from the impact of the hit. When I parked the car, I went to the front of the car and saw that. Man, I sure hope the poor thing died quickly… Hope it’s not a sign of bad things to come today. 🙁

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omg wtf….that is totally crazy. i see wild turkeys all the time here in CT when i’m running on little wooded paths

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