Witty’s a bitch


To date’s it’s infected at least 50,000 computers and corrupted most of their drives to the point of needing a reinstallation of the system. If you use BlackICE or RealSecure products, your ass better get the most recent updates for your virus application ASAP. W32.Witty.Worm takes the helm as the big bad ass of all nasty worms to date because it overwrites random sectors on hard disks.

I’m not liking how the tables are turning now…

More info here and here.

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Thanks, Dave. You always keep me up to date on what’s going on – or not going on, as it were. (;

::smooshy hugs::

How are things, by the way?

Hey. I don’t see any updates available on the BlackICE site (which my mom uses). Do you use it or have any details???

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