I see skylights

Today at work I moved to a new office which is always a nice thing when it’s a step up. I actually had my own office before, but it was also full of computer parts and was used partly for storage. I really did not mind the office, but the lack of a window (natural light) was starting to give me some headaches. We recently lost someone in our department, so there was an unused desk in a shared office with a nice and big window overlooking the property. I slyly made my inquiries early last week and today I moved into the new section of a 2 person office that I will call home from this point on.

The new desk I have is HUGE!

I have always been accustomed to small desks and have adjusted my work lifestyle accordingly. However, now it’s all thrown out the window and I do not know what to do with the extra space. Below is a snapshot I took of the new desk and if you notice all of the way to the right, there are a bunch of papers and magazines. I actually placed all of those things there to make the desktop look less barren. I didn’t want people to think I didn’t have any work to do right? 😉

Click for larger image

So, what do you think I should do decorating wise with the new space?

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swank office 🙂
I’d suggest moving those speakers away from each other for maximum performance (but i’m a slight audiophile).

maybe a file-tray to keep those papers/mags/etc. organized in one spot (but i’m a slight neatfreak).

Gotta get some NERF guns too 🙂

Oh! I love decorating. First, you need a nice soothing picture over the right-side wall. Something that you can look into, with depth, like a citiscape at dusk or a desert landscape or something. Then, a bulletin board just to the right of the the monitor, so you can pin stuff to the walls. Off to the left of the monitor, get a small table for toys–fun stuff, time-wasting stuff, conference-call stuff. A nerf ball or koosh ball. Those balancing games, where you have to balance a small silver bead in an enclosed maze. Stuff for when you need to get your mind otherwise occupied. And, umm, a phone? Is there a phone on that desk? I can’t see it…

Nice new digs, by the way!

Craig: Much thanks… Actually, I did manage to move the speakers and someone gave me their file-tray to add more stuff to my desk. Hehe.

Melissa: Check, check, check, check and check… Weee! All awsome idears. I’m looking at large Ansel Adams posters now to order. 🙂

jozjozjoz: Thanks for the compliments! 🙂

Do like I do dave, and don’t decorate. my apartment looks as bare as the day i first moved in. ahh you’re still a neat freak as usual 🙂

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I too wanna do jut the same, but haven’t figured out the line code for it.


This is how I do it on my Comment links:

Essentially, just set show_email to zero. 🙂

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