Ya ain’t seen the Parkway

America’s 5 worst freeways

Apparently, Jersey made some news recently with this report which puts the Turnpike as the 4th worst freeway in the US. I have driven that road since I learned how to drive and it really isn’t that bad. Sure we’ve got some aggressive drivers on the ‘pike, but you know what, 70% of the assholes I see on the turnpike all have Maryland plates. I don’t know what it is with drivers from Maryland, but they pull some of the stupidest shit I have seen on the turnpike. Sure, us Jersey folk may be aggressive drivers, but we know our limits and know when to back off (or at least I do). Some of you out of staters make it look like you have something to prove to us on the roads or something.

The author does make a very good point with the idiotic merge down by exit 8. You know, I’m not sure which jackass thought that would be a great idea. Hey, let’s merge 5 lanes of cars and trucks into 2 lanes… Weee! I’m not sure why he complains about the truck splits because it keeps things flowing decently for most of the day and to be honest, the truck lanes are usually the fastest during my morning and evening commute.

Personally, I think the Garden State Parkway has more aggressive driving and even more problems that the Turnpike. Ever try going South on the Parkway past exit 129 in the summer? Even with 4-6 lanes, it will be packed with Shore traffic. Going northbound in the morning is nothing less than a nightmare and I’d be willing to bet that on a daily basis, the Parkway has more traffic accidents than the Turnpike does. I can’t tell you the amount of times that I have seen your standard pack of rice burners hauling ass up and down the Parkway doing at least 90 weaving in and out of traffic only to end up in a wreck a few miles down the road. Plus you have to stop every god damn 10 minutes to pay a toll and did you ever notice the traffic jams that causes?!?!

This author must have been sniffing them fumes up by the refineries to say that the turnpike is the 4th worst road in the US. The GSP would have been my choice…

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The GSP is by far the more trecherous of the two freeways (not quite free btw). But I’d have to nominate I287 as “Up and coming NJ road of Impending Disaster.” You have trucks dueling with cars at 65mph+, hills and valleys, winding bends with sneaking sunglare, no lights and multiple merges/exits that when backed up cause anyone without prior experience, zipping down the right or center lanes, to plow into some same new guy trying to get off from the left lane.

The parkway is far worse than the turnpike. The lanes on the parkway are as wide as a parking spot and I frequently see people racing and lane cutting.

I really wish the police would ride in unmarked cars with the traffic to see whats really going on instead of hanging out in speed traps.

Hmmm. Actually, if we’re talking about freeways (free access highways), then Marcs right and 287 would take the helm as the worst highway in NJ. I always see 18-wheelers riding bumpers of smaller cars at such an insane distance.

Actually, it might be true Maryland people. (;

I blame the ones that work in DC, but live in Maryland ‘cuz that’s where the suburbs are.

(But then, I am biased. I’m a GOOD Maryland driver. I will admit, however, we got some crazy ones on the beltway down here. I wanna strangle ’em all)

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