Spamassassin backfire

For the past few days, I was wondering why I haven’t received any comments sent to this site in my e-mail. I was going through lines and lines of modified code thinking I misspelled something, going through my administration pages and then my precious mt.cfg file. Nada.

Then I noticed how I had a bunch of new messages in my Spam folder for pine (yes, I still check my mail with Pine) and saw all of my lovely comment e-mails sitting there with big huge ******SPAM****** subject lines. 🙂

I love spamassassin and it has been doing a wonderful job catching a good 99% of the crap that’s flowed into my INBOX. However, this kind of throws things for a loop. Has anyone else run into this out there? Do you have any special procmail recipes for catching the e-mails that comments generate or should I just white list localhost ( since the mails originate from there? Actually, shouldn’t it automatically white list localhost? Hmmmm.

Seeing as how this new blog would contain more code related entries, I have also allowed the inclusion of <pre> and <code> tags in my comments area. So if you would like to add a bit of your procmail recipe in it’s native form, feel free. 🙂

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I’m sure you can probably already guess this, but yea, I get my comments with the *********SPAM********** at the beginning of the subject line….hehe. Fun, isn’t it?

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