Let there be geek

Every once in a while everyone needs a fresh start.

While, I am not sure what’s going to happen to, it’s going to stay up for a while longer. I may give it to Devina to continue or perhaps raffle off the domain name via a contest of sorts. Who knows… I wind may keep this blog strictly related to all things techie and geeky and keep the old site for all other things Dave and Devina. Either way, I’ve been feeling like I’ve outgrown the other domain name and needed something a little more related to me. Let’s see how this ventures from now on.

However, if you still want to link to me, please use this domain instead.

Here’s to new beginnings eh??

Also, a big thank you to Lynne for the kickass header graphic up above! Doesn’t it kick ass? 🙂 Thanks <3!

8 replies on “Let there be geek”

Because I just HAD to be first 🙂 Awesome domain name, sweets! 😀 Glad to see a new start and I’ll be a loyal follower, of course 😉

w00t! I’m second (I think). 😉

Congrats on the new home. I like the design. 🙂

May I add the PDA version to my mobile portal?

Now I am jealous! I want a new name too. I have been feeling as though my reason for Painted-Turtle just isn’t the same. That something that relates to me now would be better.

Anyway, I like the new digs!!!! And the name.

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