You’re fired!

I have to say that I’m starting to really like The Apprentice. It doesn’t feel like one of those other tacky “reality TV” shows that are out now that have nothing to do with real life. This on the other hand is cool because it kinda shows what it takes to be a successful business person in today’s crazy world. However, it also highlights many of the unprofessional attitudes and less than stellar interpersonal skills that a great deal of people in management or other sections of the biz world have.

I’d like for either Troy or Amy to win. They both seem to have the best business sense and have both came through on many occasions thus far in the clutch when their project manager couldn’t come through. Tammy and Omarosa both need to go. Tammy does nothing but throw up road blocks and always seem like she doesn’t have a clue as to what’s going on. Omarosa just does not know how to treat her peers and did you see how she was playing basketball after she was “hurt?” Puh-lease… It’s amazing that she’s lasted this long in the series. As for everyone else, I’m pretty indifferent about them. However, I must admit that after watching this episode, Katrina and Heidi are on my list of people that definitely need to go. We’ll see how this series plays out from this point on.

On a side note, is it me or does Trump always walk around with a ridiculous pouty look on his face like he has to take a bad dump or something?

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This is totally off-topic but I just saw that you had tropical fish…. me too! I used to have Platys that were always having babies! I’ve just bought 2 marbled colour angelfish today – they are beautiful. 🙂 Will post pics tomorrow at my site.

Great website btw… I used to visit when I had my old domain, I’m starting to find some of my past favourite sites again.


yes finally someone who thinks that omarosa needs to go. tammy too, but obviously they’re kept around for the entertainment purposes. why would anyone watch if they werent there? i guess the whole point of the show is to keep people who make the ride bumpy, and keep them as long as possible. i havent watched the show since the 3rd episode, i keep never having the time but i hope i can watch it tonight. thx for the stats pg, i really appreciate it i mean now i can see how cool i am lol jk :p and yeah and trump does look like hes holdin in a dump. lol hahaha it rhymes 🙂

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