This is what we call the muppet show!

Is it me or can you not help but crack up every time Angel is trying to talk all serious while he is a muppet? I swear I just about died when Spike came in and they started fighting. What’s worse is that Spike got his ass kicked.

I didn’t realize that I missed last week’s Nazi episode. How was it? Was it decent at least? I’m not sure I like the direction this final season is taking now…

I wonder what happens next week if it’s a new show? Angel turns into a ballerina wearing a yellow polka-dotted tutu while singing the score to Evita and spanking Spike’s ass?

UPDATE: Well, now that the episode is done, I have to admit that I liked it, a lot. It was pretty damn hilarious and that part where he turned into a vamp, fawgeddaboutit! I was on the floor. Now whatever is going on between him and the wolfie chick and Fredd and Wesley makes things a little more interesting. I still say it’s a shame the show got the boot…

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I really liked this episode too. i was really sad at the end of it though. when i realized that this show is almost over 🙁

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