Heil Spike??

So why does Cordelia have to leave the show? Unfortunately, I missed most of the last couple of seasons of Angel, (I stopped watching it when Darla got pregnant) so I’m still a little clueless as to why she was in a coma in the first place. However, now that she’s officially killed off (though I can see her make a few more appearances in the future for ratings sakes), it kind of sucks because I liked her character a lot within the show. And you have to admit, seeing those two kiss was much better than him and Buffy smooching it out (I prefer Spike and the Buffster to be honest). Here’s a weird question… If Cordy and Angel did the nasty nasty, would Angel turn evil again or does that curse not have an effect anymore?

Seeing Lindsay (who would name a guy that??) again confused me even more because I thought he was killed off a while ago after Angel lopped off his hand. I remember way back in the earlier seasons, Angel let someone kill off everyone at W&H in their conference room. I forgot why, but I had thought Lindsay was one of those slaughtered in that episode.

Ok, so what the hell is up with next week’s episode? Spike a Nazi?!?!

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Geez Davers, what’s wrong with the name Lindsay? Everybody spells my name that way and I hate it, but I once knew a guy named Lindsay…thanks for picking on me 🙂

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