When munchies attack

Let the good times roll!One of the things I have always wondered is why people feel the need to buy milk, eggs and toast when an impending storm hits. Is french toast really going to save your life if you’re snowbound in your house? Why not buy better items like a few cases of beer or a bunch of movies from BlockBuster. Perhaps a nice taco mix or perhaps some burger patties to create your own in house party?

Sometimes you gotta wonder.

2 replies on “When munchies attack”

Hear, hear, Dave! Give me some Ben & Jerry’s and some good flicks!

I mean, don’t you already HAVE toilet paper? (; Who needs to buy 48 rolls of toilet paper just because snow is a-comin’? I don’t know about New Jersey, but the suburbs of DC hardly gets enough snow to warrant needing that much toilet paper. ::giggles::

Oh! I know what else I need – books. Lots and lots of books. (Just in case the power goes.)

i love you, you’re just too much. maybe people buy breakfast items because they want to make sure they’ll have some breakfast to eat…breakfast in bed perhaps while they skip out on going to work?

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