She ain’t no Ella

I’ll have to admit that tonight is the very first time that I have ever seen an episode of American Idol. I will most likely never watch it again after witnessing this cavalcade of untalented crooners butcher some pretty good songs.

One thing I can’t believe from watching this show is that these people are really that bad. Could it be the least bit scripted or are they actors merely portraying horrendous singers? I mean you have to be kidding me with some of these people. Don’t they have any friends or relatives that care the least bit about them and their feelings? Sure, it takes some serious balls to get up there in front of that British guy and the millions of people watching. But, if one of my friends were to go on that show to try out and they sucked some mean ass, I’d definitely tell them they shouldn’t try out. I’m sure they rather hear me say that they suck as opposed to being ripped a new asshole in front of American TV viewers right?

Then again their friends could be playing a pretty cruel joke on them by letting them perform thinking they are worthy of a shot. Hell, there’s a few people I would love to do that to. Heh heh heh.

I’ll have to admit though, that guy that sang with the Donald Duck voice should have made it. That’s some serious ingenuity there…

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The auditions are the best part of the show; you KNOW they’re rigging it so bad singers get through to the judges (it’s true — they stack it so Simon can go off on them).

its true…they do let bad singers through so that simon can judge him. if simon had nothing to say, the show wouldn’t have that extra spicy kick – right?

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