My precious…

What a good New Years this day was.

Woke up at around 1pm with my schmoopie snuggled up next to me. We then decided to go see the final Lord of the Rings today at a local theatre (no worries Scott and Kim, I’m dying to see it again with the both of ya in IMAX very soon) and were just astounded at the final tale of this saga. I’m pretty jealous that I never got to see the first two parts of this movie in the theatre, but seeing the extended version of the first two films made me want to watch a longer version of this final tale. Oddly enough, even with it being a long movie, it didn’t feel like the entire story was told and that it was a little rushed. Watching the final one on the big screen was most definitely a delight. The battle scenes were beyond description, the intricate subplots of the first two films resolved beautifully and that ending just tugged at your heart strings ever so masterfully.

We were a little confused at the very end when those people left on a ship (don’t want to spoil it for anyone) because we did not know why that would happen. One thing’s for sure however and that is that I can’t wait for the extended version of this films to be released on DVD. I’d like to see the film as it was originally meant to be.

Afterwards we got some soups and salads at one of our favorite eateries and came back home to relax. Right now I’m watching one of my favorite episodes (“Number Twelve Looks Just Like You“) of The Twilight Zone during the Sci-Fi marathon and later on we are closing this New Years with some warmed sake.

Happy New Year all!

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As to the ending, all I can say is read the book. All shall be revealed. Even with the movie as long as it is…there are still scenes cut from the book. Guess you just can’t include everything, though Jackson did a bang up job trying.

Well, this won’t ruin anything, but here’s the skinny. With the destruction of the Ring, the Age of Man has come into glory. The elves are generally departing to Valinor, which is basically heaven. It lies across the Western Sea, and only the ships of the elves can reach it, since the Gods changed the shape of the world at the end of the Second Age.

Gandalf, being a Maiar (demi-god), is also returning home. Frodo is allowed to go due to his status of being a ring-bearer. Sam eventually passes to the West, too, when Rose dies, many years later. Remember, he was a ring-bearer, too, if only for a short while.

Elrond, Galadriel, and Celeborn (her husband) are the three main leaders of elves left in Middle Earth, and their passage to the West means the end of the Firstborn (elves). Some remain — the Woodland Kingdom, which Legolas comes from, stays, I believe, and he becomes a close advisor to King Aragorn.

Gimli, if I’m not mistaken, resettles Moria, now that the Balrog is gone.

Eomer becomes king of Rohan. Faramir becomes Steward of Gondor and a close advisor to Aragorn. He marries Eowyn, who he met in the Houses of the Healing (look for this in the extended dvd, now rumoured to possibly be 5 hours in length).

Anyone who thinks this is a spoiler needs to get over themselves; the books have been published for fifty+ years, after all! 🙂

no one told me they opened up paneras in nj. i found out on my own last week and i was like yes yes yes!!! they have them out in chicago and i loved them, but i was sad that there aren’t any around here, until i found one in nj 🙂

Dave? Oh Dave! I see you . . .

Anyway. The movie was utterly fantastic. I went to see it not long after it came out. Went with two friends of mine. (Hrmmm. December 21, in fact. Don’t ask why I know that)

I can’t really add more than what’s here – other than to say –
Don’t drink a a can of soda two hours before the movie and then have the large soda at the movie theater during the three+ hour movie. Oh boy.

Anyhoo. I’m off, now that I have utterly polluted your blog with my rambling! Muahahahahahahaha!

i’ll be honest, i didn’t even read this entry, but i have read some from the past and its been a while since you posted.

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