Grrrr Arrrgh

Ok, I’m confused as all hell watching this episode of Angel.

Of course, I could have just started watching Angel from the beginning of the season. Luckily, I happened to watch the last season of Buffy (Willow is one damn fine evil witch BTW) a few weeks ago so my mind is fresh with the Spike news. So, how did he happen to come back to life when you saw him get all shimmery in the sunlight as Sunnydale came down on him?

This Harmony girl, is this the same girl that got turned into a mouse waaaaay back in the early Buffy series?

Most importantly, what happened to Cordelia? She get killed off last season?

Hmmph, you miss a few seasons and things go wonky on ya.

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OK, here’s the deal: Spike, as you know, died. And then someone [at this point, I think it was Lindsey] mailed the medallion that Spike wore in the last Buffy ep to Wolfram & Hart. When the package was opened, out popped Spike as a ghost.

Harmony was on Buffy. She was one of Cordelia’s friends who got turned into a vampire during HS graduation. Then she and Spike lived together for a while during the Buffy college years. The girl who got turned into a mouse on Buffy was Amy.

Cordelia isn’t dead. Of course, she’s no longer on the show either. Because of what happened last season on Angel she is in a coma.

There ya go. My endless knowledge of Buffy and Angel coming to the rescue! 😀

But, but, did you watch the first two seasons of Angel? So you knew how significant the final season was?

Spike came back to life by virtue of the “champion” amulet Angel brought to Buffy…the amulet given to Angel by the senior WH partners in exchange for finding his son a place to live a normal life.

No, Harmony was vamped in Graduation Day II; she was a “friend” of Cordelia.

Cordie is in a coma, conveniently. We heard about her in the exposition-y eps at the beginning of the season.

There you go!

Thanks for the info with regards to the show guys and don’t worry Gemini, it’s all good. Now things make much more sense. 🙂

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