Asses of fire

I usually do not go out to eat by myself, but today I decided to grab some sushi during my lunch hour. Yes BTW, I did manage to find a position a couple of weeks ago as a network administrator elsewhere (thus the laggage of posting on my behalf), but I’ll get into that another day. 🙂

Either way, I have this weird thing about needing to read while I am eating by myself. Usually, I’ll grab a newspaper or download a few tech articles to my PDA, but today I had neither on me. So, on my way to lunch, so I went to a local Waldenbooks (I thought they went out of business) and picked up a copy of PC Magazine to peruse while scarfing down my Unagi Don (that’s eel over rice).

While searching for the magazine, I noticed there were only 2 other people in the shop. A little old lady that was near me looking at cross stitching books and an older black gentleman who actually reminded me a lot of Avery Brooks if he dressed in a business suit, complete with the Hawk from “Spencer for Hire” sunglasses was checking out the best sellers.

While looking for the magazine I heard the unthinkable.

The Captain Sisko look alike ripped the loudest, longest and the most bassiest fart I have ever heard in my life. It’s dissonant tone reverberated throughout the entire store with such a force that I swear I felt the floor shake. Anyway, once we (myself, granny and the cashier) heard this, we immediately looked up and stared out in the distance hoping that this blusterous ass blast did not come from our bodies. We all turned around to look at each other and then the guy politely said “Excuse me” as he continued to look on over a book he had in his hand.

Needless to say, I quickly made my way to the cash register and got out of there. There’s no way that toot couldn’t stink up the joint real fast…

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Funny! I’m tempted to start a fart blog just for fart stories, mine and submitted. That’s a great story!

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