Blogger dating

Now there’s a potential money maker I’m surprised no one has thought of… for bloggers. I’m surprised no one has started a poll for the most datable male and female blogger. At least I haven’t found it while looking for it this morning.

Which brings up the question as to whether or not you would date another blogger if they so happened to live in your area. Have any bloggers married each other simply on the basis of one person enjoying the other’s blog and things just took off from there? For that matter, if you could travel anywhere in the world in a reasonable amount of time, is there a blogger out there that you would like to date?

If you’re willing to spill the beans, feel free to leave an anonymous comment (ie: fake name and no website) with your answer if you don’t want to be known. I don’t allow e-mails to be shown on my site anywhere so please use a valid e-mail address if you choose the anonymous path. I hate getting those e-mails.

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well dave if you came up with the idea you should make it then…come on you know you want to bask in glory like you did back in the deardave days…

sorry dave i am guilty of the emails 🙂 i won’t do it to you anymore though hehe

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