This is not a baseball team

While I was driving back home today from picking up a couple of boxes of contact lenses, I was listening to my usual radio show. One of the hosts was talking about the aftermath of this whole situation and what the poor guy is going through now. Apparently, this host is pretty good friends with one of the sports writers of the Sun Times, and the word is that this guy is now facing numerous death threats against him and his family.

If that wasn’t enough, the brilliant “journalists” at the Times felt the need to give out the gentleman’s name, address, work address, where he went to high school and which little league team he coaches.

I completely agree with Kim and feel like he did exactly what any other fan would do in the same situation. If I’m not mistaken, there were quite a few other fans reaching for that same ball. One of them seemed to be a very young kid, probably 10-13 years old. What if he caught it? Would the asshat fans throw beer and spit at him as well?

The fact is that the Cubs blew a three run lead in the late innings big time. Even one of the best defensive players bungled a play that any little leaguer could execute with ease. Let’s not forget Moises Alou, who acted like a spoiled brat by throwing that tantrum and yelling at the fan after he didn’t get to that fated ball.

A fan is not to blame for a team that can’t hold onto a lead. The team miserably blew it back in ’84 or ’85, they blew it in Game 1 of this series and I wouldn’t be surprised if they blow tonight’s game. The only reason I would like for the Cubs to win tonight is so that they won’t blame their ineptitude on a poor fan who only did what came naturally to him.

That team does not deserve to be in the World Series

UPDATE: I think Wil said it perfectly.