Once More, with Feeling

I’m pretty nauseous…

How in the world can so many people like this episode of Buffy? I’m just about ready to finish watching this for the first time and…

WOAH! Buffy and Spike just kissed!

Hmmmm. Ok, this episode was perhaps one of the worst Buffy episodes I have ever seen. Cool ending, but bad bad bad episode. Who actually liked it and why?

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Haven’t seen it yet (we’re just starting up with Buffy), but the Xena episode that was all-musical was a tour-de-force.

I actually saw that episode and it was infinitely better than the Buffy musical. I’d have much rather watched that to be honest… Hehe… 🙂

I freakin’ love that episode. It’s one of my favorites. No, really! 😀 It’s just so freakin’ funny! Sure, the singing and dancing are really awful, but I also adore Grease 2 for the same reason.

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