Give her my “Oh” face

So Devina was listening to the radio a short while ago and found out that men sometimes fake orgasms. She was completely surprised at this and I was pretty surprised that she didn’t know this. So I’m wondering ladies… Did you ever know that we can fake orgasms?

Why do we do this, you may ask? Well, for the same exact reasons you do it ladies. Maybe we’re tired, maybe we’re bored, maybe we just don’t want to do it, maybe you smell bad… Who knows. It happens. The funny thing was listening to the women who called completely shocked and hurt by the fact that men can fake orgasms, yet were happy to say how they sometimes fake it.

Hmmph… Hypocrites.

Imagine what would happen when these women also find out that ejaculation and orgasm are not necessarily the same thing… It’ll be anarchy I tell ya.

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“ejaculation and orgasm aren’t necessarily the same thing” ………. WHAT DAVE, WHAT ???? OH, YOU RUINED MY WHOLE LIFE!

how come they dont teach that in health class? and how come i never knew that guys could fake it too? what?!?!? i refuse to believe it. i thought the only face guys could put up was a poker face, and that the rest of the looks were genuine. ugh. dave. why did you have to tell me i think i could have lived my life a happy one without knowing that guys could be faking.

I had a suspicion that guys could fake it, though you’re the only one to ever come (no pun intended) clean.

Now, on the subject of ejaculation and orgasm not necessarily being the same… huh?? Dave, you got some splainin’ to do!

I thought it was common knowledge that ejaculation and orgasm were not the same thing. Maybe because I “discovered” that when I was 19…


As I was saying, don’t spoil the “secret” until men can figure out how to make money from it. Oh wait, that’s what escorting work so well.


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