So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye

This is the second layoff I am about to go through this far in my life. To be honest, I wasn’t that sad about it because I’ve been through it already. I know what to do and the world doesn’t seem so frightening after having been through it once.

It still sucks giant moose balls though, don’t get me wrong…

However, I’m not going to be as bummed out on my last day (this Friday) as I was yesterday. The reason why is because I had to take apart the entire server room. I boxed up the rack equipment that’s headed up to the new network in Albany and got together the stuff that’s supposed to be sent back to the leasing companies. Some other stuff is going to be sent away to be “recycled” or destroyed because there’s no use for them in the new building and not worth the hassle of selling it on eBay. 😉

I was bummed (and still am) because this was my first job where I had pretty much total control of everything in that server room. I came in, saw that it was in shambles when I was hired and brought it up to a pretty damn good network. No major problems, no hardware failures, no hacks, no viruses let loose, never lost any data… My network purred like a happy little kitty getting petted and I was quite proud of it.

Now it’s all gone.

It’s just a bare 30’x20′ cold room with only an old Pentium II 333 I slapped Redhat 9 on at one end to allow the people here internet access and e-mail for the next couple of days. That and a 3Com 8-port switch casting an eery green and amber glow on the opposite side of the room. This coming Friday, that will be gone too…

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I’m really sorry to hear you were laid off, Dave. That really sucks. Hopefully, you and Scott will both be gainfully employed again very soon!

Thanks for the well wishes Kim. Yeah, hopefully things will look up for Scott, me and everyone else that’s unemployed. 🙂

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