Slice of heaven

Devina called me up giddy as hell about the flowers earlier today and she liked the chocolate truffles I included. She told me she took pics of everything because there’s no way she could take it back home with her. Apparently, the bouquet is the size of a small tropical forest…

Anyway, she’s in love with San Francisco and we’re making plans to go out there once I get a new job and some vacation time. Apparently, she’s very close to a few museums and some really large mall which she checked out today. However, it seems the food at the hotel where she is at is very expensive and not worth the price… Oh well, I’m sure her peers at the Frisco office will show her the good local dives.

Meanwhile back on the home front, I just took a shower and opened the bedroom window with the fan blowing in at a low speed. I’m checking today’s news and blogs while watching the pilot episode of The X-Files. It’s a very comforting 45 degrees in this bedroom and I’m snuggled under a comforter sipping some Earl Grey.

Man I love Autumn.