San Francisco days

Dave’s going to be a lonely guy this week. 🙁

I dropped Devina off at the airport this morning because she’s on her way to sunny San Francisco for a business trip until Friday or possibly sometime next week. We were both sad when we said goodbye, but she’s got a whole new city to explore when she lands.

I just got off the phone with the concierge at the hotel where she is staying at for the week. I had him order a nice bouquet of lilies and irises (plus any extras that would go well with that arrangement) to be placed into her room before she arrives. I figured that would brighten her spirits when she lets her weary self into her hotel room. 🙂

Hopefully she won’t read this site before she gets into her room. Since Frisco is supposed to be a hotbed of wireless hotspots, I showed her how to connect her PocketPC to a wireless network outside of our apartment.

That would totally kill the surprise…

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Thanks very kindly Kim… Though I must admit that I had to look up the word ‘mensch’. 🙂

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