Interesting firsts and lasts

I rarely do these things anymore, but this one seemed like a lot of fun. Nabbed this off of GeminiGirl who got it from someone else and who got it from someone else, etc. It’s a sick sick cycle really… 😉

First bike:
Something blue that my dad got for me at the local Sears at the time. It was one of those old-school ones that had no hand brakes where you pedaled backwards to stop and learned the fine art of fishtail skidding.

First best friend:
This kid called Gus. We were best friends from my kindergarten year up until the second grade when he moved away. I cried the day he left and it was my first lesson in dealing with people leaving my life.

First real memory of something:
This dream I had of a girl I used to kiss in kindergarten (no, pecks on the cheeks you pervy bastages). She was all blue with a red diamond shaped spot on her forehead and she kept on kissing me on the nose until I took off my shoes. Yeah weird.

First car:
A 1982 Datsun (not a Nissan yet) Maxima diesel mini-station wagon. I loved that damn thing… My dad got it for like a hundred bucks or something when I was 17.

First date:
Hmmm. The first time my first girlfriend, Barbara and I went to a movie together with her brother and his future wife. The brother didn’t know me and my girlfriend were going out so it was that whole forbidden thing. We’d sneak out to get popcorn and make out in a corner before we headed back in. I also remembered putting our coats on our laps so that we could hold hands underneath them while watching the movie. I think her brother knew all along… Ahh sweet innocent love.

First kiss:
Same girl. We went out for like a couple of months and never really kissed each other. Of course it put the whole relationship on rocky grounds being that I wouldn’t kiss her and all. Oddly enough, I had sex but I had never really kissed a girl before then, well, not on the lips that is. I was too scared to come off as a guy who couldn’t kiss and then live through that whole stigma in high school. That’s what I fucking got for reading Cosmo so damn early in my life… Anyway, word through the grapevine was that she was going to dump me because I wasn’t kissing her, so right before gym we were talking and I finally had the balls to kiss her right before we got into the gym. It was nice… Very nice… We both had the silliest god damned grins that whole time in gym.

First break-up:
For my birthday one year, one of my best friends at the time got this mutual friend to have sex with me and take my virginity. Weirdly enough, she did and we continued for a couple of weeks. She had originally told me it was merely a sex thing and that we would not get into a relationship. A couple of weeks later, it was Valentine’s day and I was greeted in Algebra class with a bouquet of roses from that girl. I broke it off a couple of hours later. Yeah, I know… Harsh.

First job:
Cashier at PathMark.

First screenname:
enigma. I loved that username, should have never deleted it from any of my accounts.

First funeral:
One of my relatives down in Honduras when I went to visit the first time. There were a lot of pictures taken too. Odd.

First pet:
Supposedly we had a dog when I was growing up. I don’t remember it, but I did have a pet garter snake when I was in grammar school. It disappeared one day and I thought it crawled out of it’s tank. It turns out my dad’s deathly afraid of them and he made my mom get rid of it.

First president voted for:
Clinton baby…

First piercing/tattoo:
None. I believe in being a rebel and not getting a tat or a piecing seeing as everyone is getting them now and it’s suddenly become the norm. I don’t like being trendy…

First independent home:
When I lived with Ada.

First love:

First enemy:
Chris, forgot his last name. Big guy that used to love beating me up in the playground. He never really hit me, just loved holding me upside down and then dropping me.

First big trip:
Honduras with my mom. Got chased by my uncle’s Dobermans up an orange tree and then I was hit by a car while playing soccer. Needless to say, I do not like going there now.

First play/musical/performance:
I played an emcee in a Christmas play during my second grade. I think my mom still has pictures of that in me in a Christmas sweater and a tie.

First sport played:
Baseball in my dad’s shop’s backyard with my little sister during those summer months when we had off of school.

First music you remember playing in your house:
Ummm. Something on a recorder. Most likely something easy like Jingle Bells or Happy Birthday.

Last library book you checked out:
Oh jeez. That was back in college. Probably some economics book.

Last movie seen:
In theatres, XMen 2. At home, Amadeus.

Last cuss word uttered:
Fuck, as that asshat in the SL500 Roadster (damn beautiful car though) cut me off to get into the EZ-Pass lane.

Last beverage drank:
Orange juice this morning

Last food consumed:
Kellogg’s Crunchy Rasin Bran

Last crush:

Last phone call:

Last TV show watched:
Buffy, the one where Faith and her switched bodies after she got out of her coma.

Last time showered:
This morning.

Last shoes worn:
My sneakers I am wearing to work now.

Last CD played:
Tom Petty’s greatest hits or something like that.

Last item bought:
A Linksys wireless PCI card.

Last downloaded:
DVDXCopy Platinum.

Last annoyance:
That asshat in the Benz.

Last soda drank:

Last thing written:
Ummm, this entry I suppose?

Last key used:
The one to lock our apartment.

Last words spoken:
I’m working on moving our mailboxes on the Exchange boxes.

Last sleep:
This past evening.

Last IM:
My bud Lindsey.

Last weird encounter:
Yesterday at the roulette wheel in Taj Mahal, there was a gentleman who would drop 100 bucks on a few bets and then leave. He did this 4 times.

Last time amused:
Seeing the deer family chilling in our parking lot again.

Last time wanting to die:
The last time I was hung over and puking everywhere. Incidentally, it was also the last time I drank tequila.

Last time in love:
Currently with Devina. 🙂

Last time hugged:

Last chair sat in:
The one I am in now typing this.

Last lipstick used:
Oddly enough, the third or fourth time Devina and I hung out, I let her put lipstick on me and do me up. Yeah yeah…

Last underwear worn:
The ones I have on now. Hanes I believe.

Last bra worn:
You ever see that skit in Wayne’s World where Wayne dances around singing “Happy Birthday” in a bra in front of Tia while she’s on the phone. Well, I did that to one of my ex’s. Just forgot which one. Yeah yeah…

Last shirt worn:
The grey T-shirt I have on now. 🙂

Last time dancing:
Oh geez, one of my drunken outings with Steph at one of the clubs in the city many many moons ago.

Last web page visited: