Bookmarks bookmarks everywhere

I love this program more than any other program that I have ever paid for.

It was simple. You install a tiny app and it will pull your bookmarks into any machine you are running it on (assuming you are running IE). I didn’t have to fuss with going to a web page for looking at my bookmarks or using some memory hogging app to do the same or manually typing in my bookmarks to sync them. You install it, tell it to sync and it all gets done for you automatically. Add and remove bookmarks at your whim and it automagically takes care of it for you across all of your machines. Easy, simple and very effective.

A web surfer’s dream.

That is until a few weeks ago. Apparently, their servers went kaput and my bookmarks on the 4 machines I use (yes, on top of my personal Dell, I use 3 others on a daily basis) are all haywire. I’ve got my original set on my work machine and the other machine in my place, which is actually Devina’s. My laptop has an older set (I add and remove bookmarks like you wouldn’t believe) and I had to rebuild my Dell because XP was getting too slow for my taste, so there are not any bookmarks on there now. It doesn’t look like this company had a very good contingency plan for disasters with regards to data (tsk tsk tsk) so I’m left out here waiting for them to fix their issues.

In the meantime, if any of you use multiple machines out there, how do you manage your bookmarked sites across all of them? If you use a personal page or a service containing all of your bookmarks, I don’t want to know because that’s not what I am looking for. If you use an application to manage your bookmarks across some machines, then I’d like to ask what you use. 🙂

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Funny. I was just saying to someone in the office (literally, this was Friday morning) that I need something that will take my IE6 bookmarks and convert them to a text file (or a single web file) so that I can access them when I am not at one of my own PCs. Preferably, this little script would also keep them in their hierarchy, so that they are still organized the way I like them to be. Between PCs, I just have a script that copies them up/down from a network location, but I haven’t come up with anything to handle this by creating a file. You seem to not want a web page, but if you could point me in the direction of that kind of solution, I’d be most grateful! Thanks…


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