Where’s the beef?

Since our plans to venture into Philly were put on the back burner, we decided to go this past weekend.

Our first stop was Geno’s to partake in one of Philly’s more famous eating institutions. The first thing you notice is the immense crowd of people waiting on line for this place and also Pat’s across the street.

As we waited on line for our meaty treats, we looked at a whole bunch of photos of celebrities that have eaten there. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring some Lactaid with me which pretty much sucked big moose balls. I was debating on whether or not to have one with Cheez Whiz, but I wasn’t too sure about the milk content on it. Plus that stuff is quite vile and I have always hated the taste and texture of it. We asked a nice couple behind us if they knew whether or not Cheez Whiz had any milk in it and they weren’t sure either. Rather than risk spending some quality time on the porcelain throne, I opted for a plain steak and onions. My better half opted for one with onions and Provolone which IMHO is the only way to enjoy a cheese steak.

We were lucky enough to grab a seat and opened up our rolled up sandwiches (I got up to put ketchup on it though) and were at first disappointed with what we saw. There’s very little meat on these things and just a sliver of cheese on Devina’s. Ok, so we figured they’re stingy with the meat in this restaurant but perhaps the flavor might save the day.

Sad to say, we both thought our cheese steaks were just blah. They were OK, but we’ve had much much better cheese steaks here in Jersey. Actually, the Rutgers grease trucks would definitely outdo these guys and that’s not saying much. For one the meat was unseasoned and very dry, the onions were too mushy and watery and the bread almost tasted stale to me like the day old bread you get for half price at the end of the day in a bakery. Plus for the size of the sandwich itself, there was very little meat in there. There’s nothing worse than eating a dry sandwich with not enough meaty goodness in it and there’s no way any amount of ketchup would save it. Devina only ate half of it and saved the rest for me to have at home when I got my hands on some Lactaid. Yet another disappointment.

Unfortunately, Geno’s was in no way the best cheese steak we have ever had. Hopefully Pat’s will be able to save our lost faith in Philly’s ability to create a good cheese steak.

After that, we ventured to our favorite spot in Philly, Dave & Busters for some pool and some better food.

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