What food does this go with?

What some people will create just to make a buck.

Germany protests Italian wine labeled with Hitler images

On my way home from work today, the radio hosts I listen to were discussing this particular topic because there are some importers interested in bringing these wines into Jersey. While, I am very much for capitalism and the right to earn a living by selling goods and services, I think this just takes things a bit too far. I mean to place one of the most evil figures in the history of humanity on a bottle to sell and celebrate occasions over seems very much in poor taste, don’t you agree? Some of the other notable people celebrated on the cover of these wines are Mussolini, Castro, Marx and Stalin.

There’s also bottles commemorating Churchill and one of the Roosevelt’s as well. My guess is they threw these in just to play “nice.” It seems even more of an insult to place in these respected figures of peace into the same category as with those other people.

Hopefully these bottles of wine won’t sell very well.