Slow rebuilds?


I had to make a small change to a few of the templates and then subsequently rebuilt the site to make the changes active.

With a little over 200 entries and a little over 500 comments to trudge through, it took seven minutes from start to finish to complete. Does that seem normal to you? I don’t rebuild my style sheet or my rsd.xml file. Actually, if I rebuild just the index files, it takes only a few seconds. It’s when it trudges though the Monthly and Individual entries that it chugs.

For shits and giggles, I ran ‘top’ on the linux box where all of this goodness is run and my CPU% used tops out at 65-85% for the whole time period that a rebuild occurs. This can’t be good right?

For those of you who have significantly more entries and comments on your site, how long does a full rebuild take? If you also have shell access (that is if you use Linux), can you run ‘top’ and see if your CPU usage is that high? I’d like to compare numbers with a few of you out there.

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I have thousands of entries and comments and a total rebuild usually only takes about three or four minutes. Of course, I’m also on a T1 line. YMMV.

Rebuilds can take a little while – 3-5 minutes on my end; with lots of entries and thousands of comments, it takes a while. I think it depends on how many different indexes you have, etc.

Hmmmm. I don’t think line speed matters on rebuilds Mac. My hosts are on redundant T3’s or OC-48’s and my cable modem uploads at 2mb/sec and downloads at 8-9mb/sec. It’s all a matter of CPU speed and memory since it’s a process that runs on the server itself.

Thanks for the advice Scott. I turned down a few of my indexes and I’m doing a full rebuilds in roughly 4 minutes. 🙂

i knew i had seen this question somewhere last week…i have twice the amt of entries and comments, timed the total rebuild and it took exactly 2 mins…so, i don’t know what to tell you there…but i *did* think of this entry while rebuilding! 🙂

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