I’m dyin’ over here…


For a few days now, I’ve been suffering with non-stop itching from bug bites I’ve received over the past couple of weeks or so, mainly because of a faulty window screen in our apartment. They’re all located on my lower legs too which makes things rather uncomfortable especially now when they’re all flaring up and I’m scratching my legs raw… 🙁

Can anyone recommend any one of the products on this page or can pass along a good home remedy for itching from bug bites?

:scratch: :scratch: :scratch:

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Sorry to hear about your bug bites. I got bit pretty good this weekend taking my dog to play with her doggy friends at the dog park. I use a combination of things to stop the itch. I’m extremely allergic to mosquito bites too.

I recommend the following, Benadryl itch cream or gel. These products contain a good amount of hydrocortisone which stops the itch. Another technique I use is to apply ice to the area to numb the sensation. Slapping yourself works too. Basically you are trying to desensitize the area. If you don’t advocate violence against yourself, I suggest sticking with the Benadryl cream.

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