Santa’s not real?!

Have you ever been snookered into believing something only to be disappointed in finding out what you have been lead to believe was in fact a farce?

That was the topic of discussion on the radio yesterday. Now, depending on how you grew up there were the normal lies like Santa, the Tooth Fairy and of course the Easter Bunny that you were duped into believing. Most of us got the hint fairly quickly that they were lies, especially since we did not have a chimney when I was growing up. I’d doubt that Santa would pick the lock to our apartment to drop off his bounty of gifts. In the neighborhood we lived in, he’d have been shot on sight and fed to the Doberman across the hall from us if that were the case. Then we’d be branded as bad kids… Or worse yet, there’d be an evil Santa.

Anyhoo, there were quite a few things in my life which shocked me when I found out they factual.

I LOVED listening to the radio when I was a kid. It was mostly Latin music of course since I couldn’t speak a drop of English before the age of 3-4. However, up until about I was 5 or so, I had always thought that the band were playing live on the radio stations. Then, while listening to some pop music on something like 95.5, my friend’s dad switched stations and I also heard it on another station as well. Perplexed, I asked his dad how the bands could be playing the same song within such a close amount of time and in different areas. See, I knew radio stations were in different areas of the world, but that’s as far as my Sesame Street knowledge took me back then.

He looked at me like I had seven heads and started chuckling to himself when he realized what I was asking him. Of course, he then explained to me how DJ’s played records on the air and all of that jazz and suddenly it all made sense. 😉

Another item of truthful disappointment for me was when I realized that the artists in music videos really weren’t playing their instruments or singing. I forgot which video I saw that made me realize this, but something tells’ me it’s one of them Flock of Seagulls videos. Most probably, “I Ran.”


However, I’d have to say that the most disappointing falsehood I thought was truth involves one of the biggest rock bands of the world and their most kick-ass album. I actually learned this while watching a VH1 special about the Ultimate Albums of all time a few weeks ago.

It turns out that Kiss’s Double Live album, which was actually one of the very first that I owned, was not completely live…


To this day, rampant controversy surrounds the Kiss Alive! recording with reports that a large portion of the record was recreated in the studio. The band finally comes clean in this episode of Ultimate Albums, admitting that portions of it were re-dubbed and re-mixed, to perfect its over the top live sound.

full story here



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I can’t believe you wrote Santa’s not real so it can be googled and little kids worldwide will have it come up in their search results when they try to find ‘Santa’s real address” or something. Nice one doofus, way to break the hearts of millions of kids instantly. F.


I called ’em “A Flock of Haircut 100s.” 🙂

Watching the lead singer make such grand gestures in the video to hit one lousy key always made me howl with laughter.

Kiss faked a live album? Hee!

Gnome: Been waiting a hell of a long time to finally use that word. 🙂

Quinn: My evil plan is now complete!!!! I’ll force governments around the world to pay me one hundred million (errr billion) dollars to remove it from Google’s index or suffer the consequences. Muahahahahahaha! :puts pinky in mouth:

Scott: HAH! I know what you’re talking about!!! 🙂 Classic… Classic.

You know Dave, I think I’m the last fool on earth to find out that SNL really isn’t live. Also, TRL isn’t always live either. They alternate with prerecoreded episodes sometimes.

I had the same reaction when I realized bands weren’t playing live on the radio. I was crushed! It really was just horrible…

You are such a BASTARD!!! You are a sick fucking bastard!!! Do you know how much santa means to kids?!?! My 7year old just came running to me balling his eyes because he typed in “santa’s real address” and this was the first thing to pop up!! All he wanted was to write a letter to santa and you just ruined it for him!!! I hope your happy with yourself you conceided fucking asshole!!!

Oh, you have no clue how happy you made me… LOL

Going to have to get my ass to #1. BTW, please have the courtesy to learn to spell properly before calling me a CONCEITED asshole… 😉

How can you fucking crush a kids dreams, then turn around and laugh about it?!? Who in the hell raised you to be such CONCEITED bastard? I seriously hope your happy with yourself, because you’re at the top of my shit-list right now and I’m going to do something about it… Just wait and see.

P.S. Oh, and don’t make some smart ass remark like “oh, I’m shivering in my boots”, because I don’t back down very easily

To the Ash guy,

At first I thought you was being facetious, but are you f***ing kidding me. Here are oh so many reasons why you are so in the WRONG!

1) This a blog site (not Santa’s Workshop!), people write journals on what is on their minds…that means people write whatever they want to write.

2) How the heck can you let a 7 year surf the web unsupervised… do you know how much crap there is on the internet. (and if you think that this website is shocking, apparently you have not seen the rest of Al Gore’s Information Superhighway…) How do you know if these Santa sites are not run by a wacko? Are you sure about it? Can you guarantee it? Another thing, you should be right next to him when he is surfing the web, in case of things like this. And its pretty apparent you don’t supervise because he happened upon this site, found out about Santa, and thus concluded that it will do infinite amounts of damage to your son’s pysche. (based upon your vehement comments) He probably will have to be committed to a asylum located somewhere…oh maybe in the North Pole….

3) Your son could have learned that fact from anyone, anytime, anywhere…the internet is a source of INFORMATION. (Whether its right, wrong, or whatever, its YOUR job to police it!) Honestly its your own fault for letting him on the web unsupervised. What are you going to do with the next fellow who says that the easter bunny does not exist, pop him good? Curse him out? Yell at him? Thats another thing, since you let your son surf the web WITHOUT SUPERVISION, its really good to let him see you curse out someone on this site…way to go Dad, setting a good example there. Way to show that if you don’t like something, “…I’m going to do something about it Just wait and see.” And you wonder how these Columbine kids are created.

4) The PROPER thing to do is to write in the comment, “Hey Dave, appreciate if you can nix the comment about Santa not existing, my son saw that and he was not a happy camper. Would appreciate the favor.” And you what, he probably would. But with the way you commented, I am surprised that he even took the time to reply. Your comments certainly did not warrant a reply nor did warrant a pleasant reply.

Sorry for the rant but I can’t stand ignorant parenting and I really can’t stand it when the parent blames it on someone else, rather than themselves. Yeah Ash, really demonstrating how good of a parent you are. You know what, I sorry for your son. I am sorry that he learned that Santa did not exist a little early but most of all I am sorry that he has a father like you that demonstrates a lack of temper, reasoning, and keeping it cool with the language. Hmm maybe Ash would like to demonstrate his colorful vocabulary to other 7 years olds that happened upon this site unsupervised. They can really learn from your comments!

The way you comments came off, you think Dave was calling Santa evil incarnate. But enough of this ranting/raving/sarcasm…bottom line you can read these comments and learn from them or you can ignore them. Its your choice Ash.

P.S. Oh Ash before you do something stupid (quote “you’re at the top of my shit-list right now and I’m going to do something about it. Just wait and see.” or “…I don’t back down very easily.” end quote), just to let you know that all IP addresses are monitored.

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