Brought to you by Madonna

I just saw that new GAP commercial with Madonna and that girl who likes to wear the really puffy coats in the videos.

Is it me or are more celebrities starring in commercials nowadays? Lawrence Fishburne, Andy Garcia, John Goodman and quite a bit more stars are in commercials now and I find this quite odd.

I remember when celebrities only starred in commercials in like Japan because of the mundo money they pulled in for being a sponsor of a product overseas. No way were they caught dead on American TV touting Direct TV, a silly clothing store, etc. That would have most certainly spelled their doom back in the day and now, it seems like they need the money or something…

Is that really it?

2 replies on “Brought to you by Madonna”

lol… Missy Elliott. 😉

I’ve noticed it too. So far, I like it. I don’t know what the deal is though. Maybe advertisers are willing to fork over more cash, since it’s a new thing here, thus the actors are willing to do it. Dunno.

I don’t know why people think that celebrity sponsors would help anyway. Aren’t we all just a little too smart to fall for that nowadays. Kids are smarter today too. I was really disappointed when Jamie Lee Curtis started commercials and now John Stamos. It just wanted to make me cry.

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