Back in the saddle again

Ahhh, that was an interesting few days or so.

I am planning to ditch my old machine and have joined up with a friend on his new server. The was mostly done because of cost issues, but also because this new machine here is freaggin fast as hell. 🙂

As for my hostees… You’re eventually going to get moved to this domain as I am planning on not keeping the name. Keep an eye out for my e-mail with regards to that. 🙂

Things will be a little funky around here for the next few days though. I still haven’t gotten the e-mail server set up, so please do not comment here just yet. Dunno what the hell’s gonna break… 😉 If you’re e-mailing me, ummm. I’m not getting them, sorry bout that. Gimme a few hours to a day or so… 🙂