At a loss for words

You know, part of me wants to believe that this is fake, but I don’t know if it is or if it’s not…

It’s a clip of one of Saddam’s ordered executions which is definitely not for the faint of heart. It’s not being directly linked because I don’t want anyone accidentally getting in there and seeing that. I just can’t believe this could ever be done.

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Holy fucking shit.

That was horrible. No one should have to see that, let alone *do* that.

Seriously, folks. Don’t watch this… although, yes, we should understand that this kind of horror exists in the world.

This is evidence of the horror brought upon the Iraqi people by Saddam Hussein’s former regime. This is exactly the reason why we as free country are going after this monster to make sure this type of thing never happens again to the people of Iraq. Killing Saddam is the only option for our military once he is located. Having to bring him to trial will only reopen the wounds to countless families whose loved ones were victims of this horrible individual.

The US installed Saddam as Dictator and funded his Regime so he could kick the Commie IRAQ square in the Nuts, but then he decided to bite the hand that fed him. This is not the first time the U.S. has made this mistake (Panama/Norieaga, South Africa, Afganistan….) All paid for by your tax dollars.

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