Same sex marriages coming to Jersey?

A majority of likely voters in New Jersey say that gay and lesbian couples should be able to marry, a poll released yesterday indicated.

Philadelphia Inquirer

To be honest, I’m rather shocked at the results of this survey, but it’s not to say that I am not glad our state is at least more open-minded than the rest of the nation with regards to same-sex marriages.

What’s even more interesting is how 57% of Catholics support same-sex marriages. I found it a bit surprising considering the stance many of the higher ups in the Catholic religion take on homosexuality.

Personally, I really do not know what the hell the big deal is with same-sex marriages and why so many people are against them. If you find someone that you love, you should be allowed to marry them regardless of their gender. Hell, perhaps gay or lesbian couples can teach us heterosexuals a thing or two about marriage anyway. I mean look at the obscene divorce rates we have in this country… Nearly 1 out of every 2 marriages end up in divorce.

1 OUT OF 2?!?!

Some of those who oppose same-sex marriages say it defiles the “sanctity” of marriage. Ummm no, that 50% divorce rate defiles the “sanctity” of marriage, not the fact that 2 people of the same gender want to participate in a union of commitment. Shouldn’t marriage be about 2 people that love each other enough to want to spend the rest of their lives together regardless of their sexes?

I’m glad this state seems to begin to think so.

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What my darling wife said.

And yet, the Church remains adamantly opposed to gay marriage. It’s bizarre how it won’t allow itself to further modernize beyond Vatican 2.

Do I think churches should support gay marriages? No. Why? Because in the bible it says it is sin. Flat out. It’s not even about religion. Religion is how everything gets messed up. Trying to please people instead of God…

Honestly I don’t care that people get upset at that because sin is sin. God says lying is sin, so because someone is a LIAR, we should have lying rights?! Nope. I think it’s being blown way outta proportion for real. If a preacher is sitting up there screwin around in the pulpit, he is JUST as much living in sin as the gay man sitting in the congretation. In the eyes of God we are all sinners. Just because my sin is different from another person sin doesn’t make me any better than anybody else. I know people who are gay and they know my stand on it, and they don’t try and disrespect my beliefs because they don’t feel the same…

I think the problem comes in when people try to judge other people. Like they are all holy when in reality we all have issues. I think if more people were praying for this nation rather shakin’ there head at it, things would be a little different. But hey, even the bible said it would be like this in the end times so I am not even surprise…

So sorry if I hoped on the pulpit on this one but this bothers me. That’s just my take on it. God bless…

As a Christian i oppose same-sex marriages, as a sociologist i have no problem with it. People are people. They will do whatever they damn well please regardless of religious tolerance, political view, or other people’s opinions. I have some very close homosexual friends, and you know what? They are human, well i’ll be darned. they love someone from the same-sex and as long as they love i see know problem with it. People make it out to be something that it’s not. It’s just a relationship with the same-sex that is a bit more physical. It’s love. Leave it at that.

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