Charlie rocks!

I think I am going to name my first born kid Charlie, after my new mechanic.

For the second time in a row, he has saved me a buttload of moolah.

The first time was a few weeks ago when I thought I very badly needed a tune-up done on my Tera. I also needed some new tires and rims I brought from TireRack slapped on. I brought my car to him at the suggestion of a few people here at work and the positive reviews on I left my car with him and a few hours later he told me that all I needed was just a new fuel filter and that’s it. A 100 dollar job was all that I needed done to the car to get it running good as new. My dealer told me that at the mileage I was at, I needed to get all of my belts replaced, this flush and filled, fluids exchanged, new plugs, yadda yadda yadda which was going to run a me a grand total of 1200 smackeroos. They didn’t care that I just had an oil change or a radiator flush and fill the week before or that I had a transmission fluid exchange a month before. It would all get redone and I’d have to fork over a big wad o’ cash to have a tune up done. Needless to say, when Charlie told me it would only run me a hunny and all I needed was the fuel filter, I nearly crapped my pants with glee.

This past weekend, I noticed that my brakes started to squeal a little loudly so I figured I’d bring in my car today to have some brake work done. I was hoping I only needed new brake pads because that would have been a very small bill compared to let’s say getting new rotors or something. I brought in the car, Charlie went through a check list of questions with regards to the brakes and sent me on my way to work.

I just called him and asked him about the car.

He told me nothing needed to be done with my brakes. The front pads are almost 100% new and the rear brakes are about 60% new and that I did not need brake work done for quite a while. Apparently the squealing noise is being caused by the material that they are made from and it’s absolutely nothing to be worried about. He’s guessing that when I got the car, they replaced the brakes when they sold it to me, but used generic brake pads which tend to get noisy every once in a while.

So he’s giving me the oil change that I am overdue on…

You know, it really sucks ass that he’s located close to here because when I finally do leave this place I’m going to have to travel 80 miles to have him work on my car. Then again with the track record so far, it’s worth it. An honest and good mechanic is so hard to find…

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hehe, seems like we’re having the same type of car probs. jiffy lube told me i needed a radiator flush for $69.99. indeed i did need one, all the fluid in there was brown. so daddy and i took the rav4 home and did it ourselves. got some radiator flusher and some new anti-freeze from good old wal-mart, and used the garden hose to flush out the system. 🙂 not bad! car running as good as new. my brakes squeak too (they’re almost new, replaced in january), but my dad’s mechanic said that it’s always going to be like that regardless of what i do to try and fix it. oh well! at least i dont have to knock on my friends doors when i come over…they can hear the car coming down the street :-p


So the antifreeze flush and fill was like 10 bucks right? Hehe.

Actually, the brakes eventually do stop squeaking. Mine stopped as of last night. I guess they just felt like making themselves known or something. 🙂

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