Blow me RIAA

Welp, good to see some people are fed up with the RIAA and MPAA and their tactics. TechFocus is now (with good reason) completely blocking (well, the known servers that is) RIAA’s and MPAA’s servers from even touching their site. They’ve even been kind enough to post up a few .htaccess files so that you can take care of it yourself if you wish as well. Now I just have to figure out how to get my whole server to block those IP addresses. I thought it was as easy as just dumping them into your hosts.deny file, but it seems not. I’ve always hated working with tcp_wrappers… Grrr.

Found via Zuly who found it via Neil T.

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Hi Dave! How ya doin? Site looks great. as usual. Just stopping by to say hello.
Im finally going home on Wednesday after being in hell for 8 months! WOO HOO!!
take care…

Neil: Yer quite welcomed and thanks for the information.

Darren: Thanks man, I love the new look of you digs too. 🙂

Sphinx: Amen! See, my take on it is that it’s not the downloading that’s killing the music industry. It’s the continual crap coming out of the artists mouths that’s fueling the dip in the market. I mean seriously, who the fuck is going to pay 15+ bucks for a CD when only 1 or 2 good songs are on it, if at all? I’d rather just download the songs I like and save my CD rack from more space being taken up with crap CD’s.

Misha: !!! Hey congrats on the return trip home! Come back safe and sound ok!

So how can anyone safely download music? I stopped using K azaa a while ago. Now I’m on Lim Wire. How safe is that?

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