Sung Hi Lee is so tasty

Welp, I finally managed to hunt down a PG-13 rated image of Sung Hi Lee in the proper position for the banner of my site. Much kudos to Ada for helping me out with her aesthetic eye. Eventually, I want to have random images pop up there down the line, but for now Ms. Lee will grace this site for a little while…

Unfortunately, because of the opacity tricks I used to get the image blending with the header, the css does not validate anymore. Eh well, like I care if the freagin css2 code doesn’t validate opacity code… Bleh.

I don’t even wanna know how bad this site looks in NutScrape. It verified fine for me in Mozilla 1.4 for Linux and WinXP, IE 6 and 5.5 so it’s all good for me.


Now this is odd. If by chance you happen to use redhat 9 can someone verify if whether or not the “Just a lascivious geek” banner shows? For some odd reason it doesn’t show on mine, but I am using a rawhide version of Mozilla 1.4-12. I used Mozilla 1.4-[lower number] @ work but that’s RH 8 there and it worked fine there. It’s not showing up on my RH9 box… Odd eh?


Welp, I figured it out. Turns out the rawhide versions of Mozilla (currently at 1.4-12) do not seem to like the -moz-opacity tag at all. When used, it renders the entire DIV invisible which is just not good. Since it violates the CSS validation anyway, I have decided to turn off the opacity for now and re-enable it when it becomes standardized in a newer version… If it happens.

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Hey thanks Buzz and Lisa! 🙂 Thanks for the nods with firebird too! Good to see it works with browsers I don’t use.

heyyyy dave! she looks almost as hot as i do 🙂 hehe just kidding :-p i think the site looks great! excellent job! thank you for helping me out with javascript. i got a 95 on the assignment 🙂 and an A in the class! thank you!!!

Hehe, you’re right Julia… Almost… But you’re way cooler, so you’d still get kicked up a few notches past her in my book… :-p

Congrats on the javascript homework! Glad to be of help. 🙂

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