Lights, camera… Frustration

Does anyone watch this show?

Ever since I was working at this location, I have always hated driving around during the late summer/early spring times. The reason being is this show… It’s taped right on the corner of the street I am on and throughout the day (especially during lunch) they always decide to hold up traffic for hours on end. We all have to take our lunches like at either 10 or 3 just to avoid the line of pissed off people in cars who need to get some food being held up by the show being filmed.

I noticed the actor’s trailers and people getting busy around that area this week, so I’m assuming taping will be starting very soon. Is it a good show? Up until right now, I haven’t heard a thing about this show and I for one will never watch it because of the lack of respect they give the people in this town while they film. Trash everywhere, traffic being held up for hours, people getting back late from lunch, people coming in or leaving late for work.

Man, I wonder if this is how it is in Hollywood…

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Ahh ok. I asked a few people and they roughly said the same thing… Not their thing and they usually switch the channel to watch something else.

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