Faster than a speeding bullet

Have you ever noticed that when new and interesting items come out in the world that is blogdom (disregarding news items of course), it usually takes the rest of the world a few days to catch up? For instance, I happened to notice this funny video clip on Scott’s site yesterday which of course he got from another source. Soon enough, I saw it pop up in several places in blogland yesterday which of course is the normal run of something like this. I’m convinced news in blogland travels faster than office rumors which have been proven to go faster than the cube root of the speed of sound multiplied by 3 times the speed of light plus infinity plus one.

Today, I check my mail and some of my friends have sent me that same link via mail.

I suspect in a few weeks my less technologically capable friends will shoot me an e-mail with that same link. I should get like 10-20 e-mails of “You have got to see this!” with a link to that file.

Hell, the other day I got something from a relative with the hamster dance site.

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