Turning over a new leaf…

Well, it’s not too extravagant (yet), but I managed to finally properly build this site using strictly css2 code and no tables. Eventually, it will lead to much easier layout designs and possibly some skinning in the future if I have the time. I found a basic skeleton CSS sturcture for this layout over at BlueRobot.com which is a great site for some good basic layouts using pure css.

There are still some sections of this place that haven’t been ported over to the new layout, but it will hopefully get done before I leave today. 🙂

7 replies on “Turning over a new leaf…”

Ooooh! Why tanks Kim and Zuly… 🙂

Go right ahead Zuly. 🙂 The CSS code is free for all to use… 🙂 w00t!!

does this mean you might actually POST more???

but, i did the new layout…very nice on the eyes so far!

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