And so it begins

The move went as well as I expected and no, I didn’t see anything but a lot of people picking their nose on my drive down to the new spot in the big ol’ truck. Luckily, we decided to move on the best day last week weather-wise. It was a decent upper 70’s, low 80’s type of day without any humidity in sight. I managed to nab my little brother to help me with the large stuff and we got all of the stuff we needed to get done on Saturday. Sunday through yesterday basically was spent cleaning up the old place and moving the little things to our new humble abode.

The more I am there, the more I like the new place we call home now. It’s a great deal smaller than our old place which will be the biggest adjustment we have to get used to about the new place. The benefits far outweigh the space issue though. It’s really quiet there which makes us feel much more at ease and safer in general. The neighbors seem very respectful of each other and the property. There are pets everywhere being walked and no dog poop on the lawns. The laundromat is across the parking lot, there’s a tennis court and pool a little distance away as well. We get a nice balcony all to ourselves (we had to share it in the old place with a bunch of loud ass kids) for barbecues and stuff. Luckily, since Ada lives near me, she showed me where the fastest way to get to the Turnpike is and it only adds roughly 20-30 minutes to my commute which is a lot better than doing the dreaded Route 1 commute I thought I would have to face.

I’ll have to post pictures of the new place once we get it all fixed up.

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