Gurgle Gurgle

Man, I was so gunning to make June a 1 post month!

That test post before was made on one of the two Axims I received courtesy of work (the other one went to my schmoopie of course). I’m trying out PocketBlog and it seems pretty decent. However, I have also noticed that there are no other Pocket PC blogging apps out there unless I am missing them from my Google searches. Can anyone recommend a different/better app for me?

It’s going to take me a good amount of time to get used to this thing since I have been using Palms for at least a few years now. It’s a completely different way of PDA’ing but I am digging this a whole lot more. I’m glad they have a mechanism for jotting down information in a Palm-like graffiti manner because I so do not like the tiny keyboard it uses by default. Then again there’s that letter recognizer thingy, but it reminded me too much of when I was learning to write when I was in kindergarten.

The one thing that completely blew me away was the ability to run a Terminal Services Client on the thing… I totally freaked out my boss when I latched on to the network here via terminal services and then PC Anywhere’d her machine and moved her mouse around while I was talking to her.

It’s the little things ya know…

Work is still getting busier and busier as each day passes and to make things a little more hectic, Devina and I are moving down near Princeton this weekend. It’s looks like an infinitely better area than where we live now, but it’s going to make my commutes here a living nightmare. Moving this far south adds 15 miles extra to my 65 mile one way commute and worst yet, most of it will be on Route 1 which is notoriously shitty during the working hour commutes. Luckily, my boss will let me come in later in the day to offset the traffic I’ll be bound to smack into if I left at my normal time.

As for the job market… It isn’t looking too good here in Jersey, but I’m not losing hope yet. I’m still working in this place for hopefully another month so there’s still income coming in on my side. Also, with a chunk of my severance checks, I paid off my only major credit card, paid off 2 school loans, paid off some older debts and got some very necessary car maintenance done. This way, in case things aren’t too good down the line job wise, I won’t be swamped with payments for stuff.

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Kristine just blogged about Azure on my blog yesterday or the day before. Just thought I’d let you know. 🙂 I haven’t installed it yet, but I fully plan to check it out.

PocketBlog caused me to have some connection issues.

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